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We are the specialist UK stockist for Totebox Ltd supplying heavy duty plastic storage boxes and industrial strength containers and crates.

toteshop.co.uk is the online portal of Totebox. We have a wide range of strong plastic storage boxes and industrial strength containers and crates. Our plastic boxes are the strongest storage boxes on the market, often used in warehouses, for transportation of goods and in many engineering and manufacturing organisations.
Our wide range of boxes include:

Euro stacking containers

Euro containers are heavy duty euro sized plastic boxes that stack for maximum volume. Euro stacking containers all inter-work with one another, two 400 x 300mm euro containers can be stacked horizontally on a 600 x 400mm euro. We have a range of solid, ventilated or perforated and lidded euro containers in stock, our solid euro containers also come in a range of colours too.

Tote boxes and attached lid containers 

A tote box, or attached lid container is an industrial strength storage box with a attached, hinged lid. These are excellent as distribution containers as they can be stacked on top of one another when full, and nest to save space and costs on return transportation when empty.

Plastic bread trays

We have several plastic bread trays specifically designed for food handling. Our bread trays typically carry twelve or fifteen loafs of bread and feature a bale arm to allow the bread trays to both stack and nest.

Supermarket and bale arm crates

Supermarket crates, also known as bale-arm containers are the leading food produce tray for retail grocery logistics and point-of-sale display. Supermarket crates feature a bale arm to allow the safe distribution of fruit and vegetables, pre-packaged meats, fish and ready meals.

Bakery trays and confectionery trays

Confectionery trays, or bakery trays are typically 30″ by 18″ and come in multiple heights. confectionery trays are designed to carry confectionery and savoury items, however due their hygienic nature they are also used in variety of industries, including horticulture,  food manufacturers, abattoirs, farming and meat.

Stacking and nesting boxes 

These plastic boxes are stacking and nesting boxes that feature a bi-colour design which requires a 180 degree rotation to enable the boxes to either stack or nest.

Pallet boxes and large bulk containers 

Plastic pallet boxes are heavy duty large bulk containers with pallet footings. We have a range of solid, ventilated and folding large pallet containers that are suitable for industrial and heavy duty storage.

Plastic pallets

We have a wide range of medium and high density plastic pallets to support the full spectrum of weights. Our plstic pallets come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Wheeled dollies and accessories

We have a range of plastic box accessories including wheeled dollies for easy movement of boxes, label holders for identification, box dividers and lids.



toteshop.co.uk is the online buying portal of Totebox which was established in 2010 by Robert Cousins. Totebox Ltd objective is to ensure that products are either available direct from stock or within a very short lead time.

Having expertise in a number of industries and working in plastics material handling for the past fifteen years, we were selected as the premier partner stockist to meet storage, handling and distribution needs with a wide range of products including attached lid containers, euro stacking containers, wheeled dollies, plastic pallets and large bulk containers.
The benefits of buying from us include:
• Large warehouse of products
• Same day dispatch on all orders
• No minimum order requirement
• Heavy duty industrial strength products
• Extensive product knowledge
• Excellent customer service
• Purchase orders accepted

Our customers range from large online box and shelving distributors to individual buyers sourcing boxes for home storage. Our boxes are ideal for use in many areas including industrial warehousing, logistics, catering, stockroom moves and domestic storage.

Based in Upper Heyford, Northamptonshire we are centrally located to dispatch good throughout the UK. Please contact us if you need advice or assistance.